Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Long overdue post

I have been busy sewing most of the summer but not posting. I am going to add a few pictures of some things I made for our trip to cape Breton and Newfoundland in July and August. This morning we went out and met some friends for coffee. Then went to Fabricland. Going to make DH a polar fleece jacket as the one he has been wearing has seen better days. Hope to get it cut out this afternoon.bright now I am making blueberry pies.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still sewing but no posting

I haven't posted on this blog since creating it. Time to remedy this. Yesterday I worked some on inserting the lining into mt denim jacket. Then it is just the snaps and hemming. Also cut out pants and a top. Both from my stash. Pants are black and top is black/white. Pants are badly needed as I am down to two pair that are wearable enough for outings. Will post some pics likely on Friday when jacket is finished. Too cold here now to wear it but spring is coming.