Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another beautiful fall day.

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Lots of wind so many of the leaves are blown off the trees. We are having our Turkey dinner tomorrow as DH doesnt have to work so I will have plenty of time to cook. He works 4 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings as a host at a nearby restaurant. We just cook one of those Turkey rolls as there will be just the two of us and the leftovers will be used the next day. No sewing done today. We went out for coffee with friends this morning and the ds came over as he was in town for the day. Hope to get into my sewing room tomorrow and do some more purging. Garbage man will be busy on Thursday.

Friday, October 10, 2014

This is the latest from this old Burda Pattern. It is likely OOP now as I have had it for quite awhile. I made the white version. It says it is for a woven but I have always used knits and it works out fine.  I am new to adding pictures to my blog so will have to learn to include the pattern number. The fabric I got at Fabricland. The only adjustment that I made was to narrow the shoulders and shorten the sleeves by 2 inches.

This is another one of my much used patterns. This one is made in a brocade pattern that I wore this summer with white pants. I changed the opening from the back to the front (eliminating the button closure). It is easy to get on and off and a very versatile pattern. I have one with the 3/4 sleeves almost finished but not sure if I like it or not and the knit is light weight. Will see how it looks when I get both sleeve extensions sewn on. 

I am cleaning out my sewing room today. It is hard to sew when there is so much clutter. I was saving leftover pieces thinking that I would someday make a quilt but I doubt that will ever happen so out they go or I will save them for one of my quilting friends.